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My responses to Sad Goose Cooperative Prompts. Two made it into their journal, issue 2.

Mona Mehas (she/her) writes about growing up poor, accumulating grief, and climate change from the perspective of a retired, disabled teacher in Indiana, USA. Mona learned to write poetry as a child sitting across the table from her mother. Her work has been published in over 60 journals, anthologies, and online museums. Two of her poems won first place in the 2023 Poetry Society of Indiana Contest. She received a Pushcart Prize nomination for her poem 'In 1920' from the journal, Paddler Press, vol. 8, in November 2023. Mona is always working on a novel or poetry. She is a Trekkie and enjoys watching every Star Trek show and movie in chronological order. Follow on Twitter @Patienc77732097 and linktr.ee/monaiv.